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Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation for New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory 

When you're dealing with delicate pipework and cables, traditional earth moving equipment could pose a threat to its surroundings. An economical alternative that's widely used by industries as diverse as civil engineering and energy, is hydro evacuation. Using our powerful hydrovac equipment, we are able to safely expose utility pipes and related underground fixtures, as well as offer drain cleaning and street cleaning services. If you're looking for non-destructive excavation that's suitable for a wide range of different applications, we can help.

Experienced non-destructive digging in NSW & ACT 

We have a number of different pieces of plant on offer, each of which can be used to remove unwanted water, soil and other debris. Whether you use us for surface cleaning, or need hydro evacuation for sub-surface work, our experienced, highly professional team can meet your requirements. We have a variety of different vacuum trucks that we utilise as well as a large 22000L Liquid Tanker. Each bit of our plant comes with an operator, for your convenience.

Take advantage of our non-destructive excavation in New South Wales and Australian Capital territory 

Our company are committed to offering a service that's effective, safe and competitively priced. We are able to accommodate longer term and short-term work, including emergency drain cleaning and similar rapid response work if required. As well as completing the non-destructive digging you need, we also operate a service locator, which can accurately mark the position of your pipes, cables or other delicate, sub-surface features.

All our machinery is maintained to the very highest possible standard, minimising the risk of unwanted breakdown as well as improving safety and reliability on site. Our company, workers and work are all insured and licensed as appropriate. If you want to work with industry professionals who have an excellent understanding of road cleaning, non-destructive excavation and other forms of hydro evacuation, we're here for you. Why not contact us now for a FREE estimate?

Phone today for complete non-destructive digging, waste management and vacuum excavation solutions in NSW and ACT 

Simply email for more details about our non-destructive digging and vacuum excavation services. Alternatively, please phone 0438 080 807 to speak directly to the TDK Vac Truck Servicing all across NSW and ACT Australia.

Payment made outside Australia will be processed as AUD. Refund Policy: Works completed prior to payment, no refunds will be given.